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DIG Issue 73 –  November/December 2009

Corey Bohan on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki

014 BALLBAG: The story behind the recent arrest of Brian Kachinsky and DIG photographer David Leep.
022 IGNITION: Nike 6.0’s tunnel vision and FBM’s Australian ant farm.
026 DIG THIS!: Almond footwear’s company policy, Eastern’s Mid-West Megatour, happy birthday crankslide, Brian Pelva’s old school garage, Tommy Blanco blames Canada, Shadow in Philly, Johnny Devlin’s here & now.
040 VIDEOSTORE: A look at the new Stay Fit video and Chris Moeller’s take on the recent big changes at Fit.
044 THE JASON PHELAN INTERVIEW: The Irish trick machine stays fully clothed for once.
062 KINK RE-SESSION TOUR: Chris Doyle takes the lead as Kink head into the Canadian wilderness… kinda.
070 THE COREY BOHAN INTERVIEW: Don’t judge a book by our cover…
084 PRODUCTIVITY: The frame game at Interbike 2009.
100 MADERA STORIES: Tall tales from Matt Coplon, Mike Hinkens, Jeff Dowhen and Bill Politis.
110 COFFEE TALK WITH KEVIN PORTER: Living the dream, DIG style, in Chicago.
124 DIGITAL CRUNCH: Snap happy rat snappers.
126 UNSOUND: How to stay young until you die.
128 BACKCHAT: Jason Enns wishes he was smelling fresh coffee right now…

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