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DIG Issue 70 –  May/June 2009

On the Cover: Max Gaertig by Rob Dolecki

BOXED WINE FIASCO: John Paul Rogers talks cruisers and corn dogs in his regular new column.
IGNITION: The Old School BMX reunion at Woodward West. Still got it!
DIG THIS: KC Badger Reasons Why and Scott Fuller gets arty in Seattle.
VIDEOSTORE: Eastern and ‘The Death of Fun’. Up, Up and Away with Sunday, plus reviews…
COSTA RICA: Zac Costa, Tom White, Tyrone Williams and Tony Cardona get busy with the ‘Ricans.
FRIENDS FIRST: Chester Blacksmith ups the stakes in Austin on a team free trip along with Jared Washington, Mike Brennan and the soon-to-be legendary Chris Gollup.
THE MAX GAERTIG INTERVIEW: Germany’s favourite BMX banker.
NEW ORDER: Crossing the creative divide in the UK’s Northwest with Joy Division references aplenty. Featuring Ben Lewis, Jason Phelan, Mike Taylor and more…
PROGRESS REPORT: Eman gets robbed at gunpoint in LA for his hat.
LOW PROFILE: Another three riders quietly bubbling under the surface…
TWO YEARS OF TOOTHACHE Toothy tales straight from the mouths of a few Mid West BMXers.
COLONIZATION: Colony, Forgotten and Vans with some OZ style road trip frenzy.
ONE FOOT IN A FAIRY TALE: Ruben brings Chase Hawk, Joe Rich and some other like-minded friends home to Malaga.
DIGITAL CRUNCH: Credit crunch more like…
SENT ITEMS: You should see the ones we don’t print…
UNSOUND: Henry Rollins and the Mars Volta.
BACKCHAT: Bob Scerbo keeps it tight.

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