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DIG Issue 58 – May 2007

Mike “Jersey” Taylor peg stall on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.

First things first. Why riding your bike on holiday mornings can be a good thing…
Ballbag. A long time ago, BMXers were so few and far between that you said hello to anyone that looked as if they might’ve ridden a bike. Ryan Worcester takes the time to get a little nostalgic of those days and calls out those who may be riding for all the wrong reasons….
Dig this. News from all over the place, some really fruity photos from Leeds, Chase Hawk (on weed), Toronto, Seattle’s Queen Anne Trails, Dan Cox Top Fives, Twenty Company Policy and Jamie Spreitzer’s Unsung.
Videostore. Video reviews from all over the friggin place, including Texas, Liverpool, Guernsey and upstate New York. What ya lookin at?, Circle issue 1, Empire BMX Chill Bro!, Team major air, Team Pimpske, Cuttin’ it deep, Soul issue 30.
Flat earth society. Chad Degroot and a legendary flatland career, plus a few words on the Final Exam Jam in Athens, Georgia.
From beer to eternity. Some days, it’s hard to just get Josh Stricker out of bed. How he managed an entire interview is still beyond us….
Omnipresent work stress. Georg Oberlechner travels to the Red Bull Circle of Balance 2007 in Tokyo, Japan. While there, he stays longer than usual, takes in the culture and details a really great story about an Austrian in Japan, which is then written in English.
Meat the street. Warrington, England’s Mike Taylor might be the easiest BMXer to interview in the history of BMX. Within a month, he delivered ten pages of bangers and prompt responses to his interview questions. (In a word, he gets it…)
Re:search and destroy. Joe Rich and Garrett Byrnes hit the high seas again. This time around, it’s the Caribbean Islands, and this time around, they rode bikes more than they drank coffee.
Defpops in Texas. The Quality Bike Products crew picked one rider from each of its distro’d brands, flew South for the winter and hit up some old standbys throughout Texas.
Instore. Alans BMX.
Do not bend. Readers photos from here, there, everywhere (and MySpace.)
Progress report. Dave Belcher is a Philadelphia area ripper that models and fishes in his spare time…
Lost for words. The photo section, where we give the words a rest and let the photos do the talking. That’s where the witty name comes from…. Johnny Petit, Tony Mortenson, Randy Brown, Stephan Lantschmer, Ryan Mills.
Low profile. Vince Kroff; you might not know this guy yet, but it’ll happen soon enough.
Sent items. The good letters dried up permanently a long time ago so we had to rely on good ole’ MySpace for some decent reader dialogue….
Backchat. The legend that is Matt Beringer talks about a get-rich-quick scheme, paying a mortgage and not taking life too seriously.

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