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DIG Issue 49 – November/December 2005 

Kevin Porter lands on the cover with a hippie jump over a chain. Photo by Rob Dolecki.

Dig This (RedBull Vertical Battle, Isaac Hoefling the hitchiker, Homages, Kevin Troyer top 3, Van Homan’s phone, Profile Gas pedals, Cheapo Euro Travel, Chris Hardy)
Flat earth society (Lee Musselwhite)
Videostore (Joe Cox’s Voices plus reviews)
DIY (Over icepick)
Intersection (Tires)
Repos (Animal Jam, Decoy Jam, DFU Battle Royale)
Low Profiles (Noah Lynch, Rich Diggler, Jan Heinen)
Unsound (Hot Snakes, Josh Stricker playlist, reviews)
Backchat (Ron Wilkerson)
In Memory (Colin Winkelmann)
Sturdy Wrists (Ricky Feather)
The Importance of Colour: The Kevin Porter interview
Not Necessarily: The Bob Scerbo interview
We The People Poland Tour
Simple Scandinavian Tour

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