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DIG Issue 48 – October 2005

Stephen Lilly on the cover.

“Issue 48 of DIG might be the last issue published by DIG Magazine ltd. You see, DIGBMX has teamed up with 4130.com as a publisher to perceive bigger and better things. Same style of mag, different printer.
#48 is another big one with with 141 pages. It’s got the usuals but a whole lot of unusuals too. The editorial staff gets one full page of space, or were they expecting another ad to come in? The beginning of the mag has all these short articles which are great to read. Ballbag, Staff Infection, Studio 153, tight set-up, Reader photos, Kink Deconstruction Derby (congrats on the podium Brian!), reviews, events, quick Jamie Bestwick interview, a thing on cellphone Thorne, CFB comp, Verthaus jam and then straight into the Flat Earth Society. By this time you actually spent some time on the shitter.
The mag continues with VDO reviews, an interview with Derek Adams of Little Devil, a big Chase Hawk interview (the guy rips) and then it’s time to report on some summer BMX events: Snickers Bowl/Download, Prague Worlds, Etnies Jam, BMX Masters, Lambrini jam and the Rebel jam. Profile went on a trip and the tour gets 10 pages in Dig. Dolecki photos rule. He’s now on the DIG staff list. The little magazine inside a magazine starts here. The Fork (you!) shoot-out has 16 models to choose from. It’s got a FATBMX advertisement (oh yes) and a how-to (alley-oop barspin on a bank).
Dustin Guenther’s Redline gets checked followed by some product stuff. The Dirty Dozen from Australia is a great article and we better get ready for these guys. Actually, most of them have ripped up the Euro scene over the last couple of years already (Millar, Fink, Guettler) but they’ve got more of them. Michael Sieren gets the low profile (BIO) as well as Fraser Watt on the next page. If you like to Chat with Mat Hoffman, the BackChat page is for you. Please note the Paul’s Boutique sweatshirt that Mat is wearing in the photo. For some reason Mat always forgets to bring a jacket when he comes to Europe and Paul has to hook him up with something warm. In return Mat does the promo work, like showing up in DIGBMX 48.” Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, October 2005:

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