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DIG Issue 46 – May 2005

Travis Collier full barflip to backwards halfpacker on the cover. Photo by Ed Docherty.

Staff infection: Paul Bliss.
Do you compute: the online world of Roy Christopher.
Lookback: Andrew Farris.
Unsung: Paul Robertson.
Christoph Huber’s Mankind Asadi.
Flat earth society by Effraim Catlow.
Videostore: Regions (UK video zine), Joel Moody and Bryan Baxter top 5’s.
No bikes allowed; the imaginary war ?
Tyrone Williams interview.
Stockwell life.
Complete bikes: Fit Replica, KHE Midget, Yogurt Capital Athletics, Stolen Wrap, Twenty Marshall, Specialized Fuse IV, GT Fueler and Hoffman Disrupter EL1.
Skatepark guide.
DIY: barspin 180.
New Jersey to Miami roadtrip.
Pop session in Tallin, Estonia.
Thanks for saying thanks jam in Austin, Texas.
Carharrt Ravage video premiere comp in Rhein, Germany.
Low profile: Stu Scott, Lloyd Williams and Andy Roode.
Backchat with Brian Castillo.

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