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DIG Issue 40 – August 2004

Corey Martinez on the cover.

Hoffman Euro Trip, Lambrini Jam, Joe Simon,

THE USUALS: Box 3, Do Not Bend, Dig This (News, Do You Compute (Woozy), Here and Now (Rob Tibbs), Corrigan’s Corner and more), Videostore (Interviews with Steve Crandall on the FBM 10 Year DVD and Little Edd Allen about the Number 10 DVD), Flat Earth Society (Interview with Martti Kuoppa on his company, KGB), Stuff (New Products), Repos (Red Bull 3 Degrees, Soul Bowl, Worlds), Low Profiles (Evan Venditti, Bram Rausenberger), Unsound (Explosions in the Sky), Backchat (Robbie Miranda), DIY (Hang 5’s), and Options (Stems).

THE NOT SO USUALS: Joe Simon Fragments, Hammers (Nate Wessel on building Dave Osato’s ‘Igloo’ ramps), Markus Hampl Sturdy Wrists, The Lambrini Jam from Leeds, and the Hoffman Bikes Euro roadtrip.

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