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DIG Issue 39 –  July 2004 

Will Jackson on the cover. (Photo by Ricky Adam)
THE USUALS: Ballbag (Weirdos by Seth Holton), Box 3, Tight Setup, Do Not Bend, News Blackout, Fat News, Zombie News, Disposable (Bas Keep), Homage (Hillcrest School), Do You Compute (Woozy), Art Fags (Seth Miranda), Repos (Pig Comp, Rampworx Jam), Low Profiles (Andi Jackson, Rob Dunne, Tope), Unsound (Ryan Corrigan on tour with Lucero and Against Me), Backchat (Keith Terra)
THE NOT SO USUALS: Will Jackson and Rob Jensen interviews, Seth Holton Fragments, The Shadow Conspiracy Southeast trip, Revolt road trip, In Search of Redman road trip by Ryan Worcester, Toby Groenwald Unsung, John Spurr Sturdy Wrists
AND WHAT’S IN BETWEEN THE TWO: Options (Complete bikes, hubs, sprockets), Do It Yourself (Fakie wallride)

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