DIG Issue 24 – September/October 2002 “KEEP IT LIKE A SECRET”

The Secret Spots Issue

Mike Tag in London on the cover – Photo by Paul Bliss

“All my memories of trips to this pipe are splendid and seem to stand out way above a lot of other things I’ve done with my bike in my time! This day in particular was a treat. It was a busy day in the factory and myself and Ricky (Adam) had to be ‘stealth’… more stealth than I’ve ever been in fact. I remember holding in my laughter, looking at Ricky darting around in front of me lugging his camera gear while I followed, ducking behind anything and everything we could find to avoid lorries, workers and security cameras. We eventually made the final climb up to the pipe and to safety. It was always a weird feeling of being on edge right up until the moment you were in the pipe, where you knew you were safe and out of view. I remember workers walking past the bottom end of the pipe about 50 meters away never looking in, never expecting to see some guy on a BMX rolling around it. Cheers for the memory Ricky and for the awesome photo!” -“Fraser Peek riding a full pipe on the content page. Fraser Peek, digbmx.com, february 2008:

Worlds 2002.

Hasting Backyard Jam.

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DIG Issue 22 – May/June 2002

A 14 year-old Chase Hawk twisted air at mojos ramp on the cover.
Telford  – The return of the Backyard Jam.

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