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DIG Issue 81 –  March/April 2011 

ON THE COVER 001: Geoff Slattery blasting. Toronto, Canada. Photo by Jeff Allen.
014 Ballbag: Savakas’ James Weston and the culture police. It had to be said…
020 Ignition: Josh Bedford’s squat ramp.
028 Back In The Game: John Povah gives the lowdown on some big changes at Etnies.
030 Carhartt in Japan: Snapshots from the road with Stefan Lantschner and Edwards Zunda.
032 Where ‘ya been?: Dirty Dan Bogard talks misdiagnosis and his road to recovery.
034 Homage: How Philly’s Rocky Rail came and went.
036 Travel Sickness: The good, the rad, and the holy. Rich Forne goes shooting in Israel.
040 Animal in Panama: The Animal crew of Tom White, Dave Belcher, Max Gaertig and Tyrone Willams hook up with Zac Costa and Rob Dolecki for Panama’s ultra rainy season and the world’s best parking garage.
058 Etnies in Malaga: Ben Lewis, Nathan Williams, Ashley Charles, Tony Hamlin, Fabian Rothlisberger and the legend that is soon to be, ‘Jordi boi 2k9’, meet up with Ruben and Sergio on Spanish home turf.
072 If You Only Knew: The intriguing stories behind some new classic Dolecki photos. Featuring Brian Foster, Elf, Butcher, Cody Jennings, Niki Croft, Mike Osso and Arturo Ayala.
090 Instore: Post Bikes and Boarding House. Support your local bike shop!
084 Productivity: Four pages worth of product boner material for your perusal.
094 Low Profile: More young gunners do the Q&A thing.
100 Repo: Behind the scenes at the 2011 Simpel Session. Tallinn ruled yet again…
110 Clocked In: Danny Hickerson is first up for our new feature on ‘pro’ riders who have to work real jobs to get by.
118 Spotify: Sunday’s Alex Magallan keeps it weird and goes on the ultimate scouting mission for spots (or at least anything he can make rideable) in Nashville.
126 Digital Crunch: Send us photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy…
128 Backchat: Geoff Slattery get his tats out.

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