BACK IN STOCK! DIG MAGAZINE 99.8 – Life After Print – A Photo Journal


• Limited Edition
• Issue 99.8 / January 2018
• Photo Journal
• Oversized high quality format
• 148 pages

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Today we bring you our ninth print project since Spring 2014 and it’s yet another full-on issue of DIG. This time round we’re focusing on the photographers who for years have brought us the most inspiring images, and we talk about how things have changed for them, and BMX, since the demise of regular print titles.

This issue is dedicated to the new breed of zine makers out there – we salute you!


 – Seven Days Later

“Did you hear what happened to Robbo?”

 – A South African Safari

BSD’s Reed Stark and Denim Cox

 – Burns Baby, Burns

A conversation about BMX media and more with a DIG favourite.

 – A Sequence of Technical Events

Courage Adams and Devon Smillie for Fly Bikes in Tenerife.

 – Life After Print

Discussing ‘the new normal’ for some of the world’s best known BMX photographers, since the inevitable demise of print media. With Rob Dolecki, Ricky Adam, George Marshall, Andrew White, Fred Murray, Jeff Z and Hadrien Picard.

 – 30 Years Of The Shield 

Scott Towne on three decades of influence from “the most punk rock company in BMX.”

 – Shots Fired

Sixteen of the best photos from some of our favourite photographers.

 – No Foreign Lands

The end of one era and the beginning of another with United in Lyon. 

– The Palmistry Guide

Vans in Thailand  – Photography by Vince Perraud.

Barcelona Kills

Simone Barraco and arguably the best edit of 2017.